Monday, November 1, 2010

I'm giving up...

I just have to.  What, you ask? The 30 day challenge.  I've sucked at it.  And frankly, I think I accomplished my real goals in doing it: 1) start posting more, 2) let you all know more about me.

I just feel like I've done those things, and with what precious little time I have these days, I need to focus my blog posts on yummy gluten free things!  I promise to keep posting and bringing you the best of GF that Houston has to offer.  Thanks for understanding.


  1. I TOTALLY don't blame you. I'm THISCLOSE, but I'm gonna keep on trucking. But remind me the next time that I attempt some crazy blog feat that I'm really a quitter at heart. :)

  2. You definitely can't give up! You are doing sooo much better than me. But I will remind you if you promise to do the same, lol.

  3. Hey Laura,

    I wanted to RSS your blog, but there isn't an option for My Yahoo Reader. Can you give me your RSS feed? Thanks!


  4. Hey Heather!

    Ok, I think if you insert this into your reader you should be able to add it:

    Let me know if that doesn't work though. I'm so glad to find a fellow GF Houston blogger!