About Laura

Hi y'all!  Thanks so much for reading my blog.  Your comments, questions, and suggestions are always welcome and appreciated.  For years, I suffered from extreme anemia and other malnutrition symptoms and no doctor could ever figure out what was wrong.  In 2007, while living in Chicago, a doctor finally thought to test me for Celiac Disease and I was officially diagnosed (through blood test and biopsy).  The transition to gluten free was rough at first.  I felt like I could no longer bake and trips to the grocery store drove me to tears.  After a couple of months, I really hit my stride though and slowly began feeling better.  Whats more, after years of extreme anemia and fatigue, I finally had normal blood counts! 

When I moved back to Houston I was disappointed to say the least with the gluten free restaurant options and resources.  As it turns out, there are quite a lot of gluten free options in Houston... they're just not easy to find!  So, I decided to start this blog as a resource to gluten free Houstonians like me.  You can stop by any time to find new recipes, restaurants, and product reviews.  Let me know if there's something new you'd like to see!